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Twar ensues after a guy dribbles two women with a man

Twar ensues after a guy dribbles two women with a man

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Men will embarrass you when you least expect it. Posting your happy relationship pictures on social media is one of the quickest ways to get a heart attack. Zuzu Zungu posted a cute picture with her boyfriend and captioned it "All my weekends are for you" but this did not sit too well with Camila. Who is Camila? She claimed to be dating Zuzu's boyfriend, Human Recede. To add salt to the wound, Camila attached screenshots talking to the gent and shared them on Twitter, causing Zuzu national embarrassment. She also confronted Zuzu and shared their chat, captioned "dealt with" and later deleted the chat.

Both these women were cheated on, so for them to embarrass each other on Twitter was childish and uncalled for. Zuzu posted the pictures without knowing that the guy is two-timing her, Camila was not supposed to add to her embarrassment by sharing screenshots and fuelling the fire. With men, you can never confirm that you are the only one so you should never try and humble another woman by proving that the guy is also dating you.

Camila was also fed humble pie when pictures of her boyfriend with another man were shared, showing that she too is being played. Human Recede has stayed off social media, so the ladies are having the twar by themselves.

One user summed up the risks of posting your Twitter boyfriend by writing "Never claim guys from Twitter, you will embarrass yourself"

Similar sentiments were shared by another user who wrote "Yoh mjolo!! I feel embarrassed on her behalf, men dedicate themselves to embarrassing you whenever they have time hey"

Do you think it's wise for the women to fight each other?

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January 24, 2022

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