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Old school kind of love the kind of love our grandparents had

We are lost in a time where it's all about material things ,we are lost in a time where it's all about who can provide more or who has what to bring to the table .

What happened to the kind of relationship that a man can be respected without knowing the value of his bank account ?

Relationships should have true love ,the love our grandparents had .

It's difficult to find someone with the same values as you , it's difficult to find someone who can be humble , someone who can be submissive ,someone who can respect their partner without having reservations.

Relationships are now complicated ,truth be told we don't have the patience to stay in a relationship ,we no longer have the patience to withstand trials ,all we do when troubles come ,we talk to friends, forgetting that a relationship is just for two people .

Our grandparents survived relationships because they knew and understood that relationships were sacred ,it's something that's private , something not to be flaunted like a reward .

Why is it that we are doing wrong as a generation ,did we really run out of love ??can't we go back to our roots and find out about the fundamentals of what a true relationship is ?

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