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"I need a date tomorrow. Bills are on me I promise" says Keletso

Keletso has posted a tweet on her official Twitter account, that prompted majority of her followers to react with mixed reactions. And seemingly, quite a number of people had more questions than answers. It would seem, what Keletso really captured the attention of people who are Twitter, because her tweet appear to have went viral. Some people replied to Keletso by simply asking her to clarify what her tweet implies. However, Keletso only managed to reply to some few people; and where she was able to reply, she clarified what her tweet means and or implies.

In her own words, Keletso said the following " I need a date tomorrow. Bills are on me I promise". And as expected, many people on Twitter had many interesting things to say to Keletso. And one person replied by saying " who can say no to a free meal, especially on Monday". I cannot quote all what people had to say, however, screenshots will be attached below so that readers can further read what the people from Twitter had to say.

In today's world, women across the world are saying they want absolute equality with men. So things are slightly changing from the old order, to a new order. Women are doing things that they were told back then, that they are not allowed to do.

To show that the world has been transformed, in South Africa women say they are ready to be led by a female president.

As the world evolve, many things that arw being faced by the youth of today, will simply fade away.

The picture below of Keletso can be readily found her official Twitter account:

Here is a screenshot of the tweet:

Below follow the replies the tweet got:




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