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They Posted This Simple Picture Of Themselves But Mzansi Noticed Something Else.

Date || 09 December 2021

Source || Twitter


We all have that one friend who most probably doesn't wish the best for us and wish that some of the things that happened to us or for us would have actually to them or for them. Even though it might be best of we let go of this friend, it sometimes hard as they are a good friend but just have that bad trait which they probably struggle to change or let go of. 

Well, this is most probably how the friendship is like between these guys as a photo of them was posted online and, people noticed something just after it was posted. The people on Twitter noticed the face that this guy was giving his friend and, they thought that maybe the guy was jealous of his friend as he's with the girl that the guy probably wanted as well. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Things like this do happen quite often but because they are friends, it would make sense for the guy to be happy for his friend and his girlfriend and not be jealous of the two of them being in a relationship. Because is a space were everyone shares their opinion, some people, therefore, made fun of this and even photoshopped the guy's face on his friend's face in the picture so that, the guy is the one hugging the girl and not his friend.

Photo credit: Twitter

A lot of people left comments on this situation and some thought that maybe the girl was with the guy at first and then left him for his friend and, that's why he's giving them that kind of face. Some, however, just found the whole situation funny and said some funny stuff in the comments.

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

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