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Dlozilam|| Your in-laws ancestors can block your employment and blessings. Click to read

The concept of marriage is seen as a great thing and as a blessing to most people be it they are Christians, Muslims or even believe in African tradition. No one has ever thought that this can actually cause problems, instead of opening doors. Dlozilam, a show that airs on Moja Love on Tuesday evening, which helps families which might be having problems because of spirituality through Thembi, a medium who can talk to ancestors.

The show featured a family in which the father is deceased and has abandoned the family spiritually. The daughter of the family has gotten married legally to her husband but traditionally she has not done things properly. The fact that there was no traditional marriage made the father to be furious and not involve himself in the marriage. The daughter found out from Thembi that the family she has gotten married to does not want women who work. Her in-laws view women who work as disrespectful and hence she has not been getting employment.

The father says he could have done something had it been that they did things the right way before she changed her surname but he gave her an opportunity to do things the right way. The daughter agreed to do the ceremony and hopefully things will go better in her life after. South Africans continue to learn a lot from Dlozilam especially the importance of doing things right traditionally. How do you feel about this story? Please comment with your opinion and share the article.

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