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12 things men do that make women lose interest and never want to see them again

Disclaimer: I'm not a relationship coucounsellor I'm just mentioning general experiences that most women face and those I know.

Let's keep it simple.

men do many things to lose interest in a woman, but most of it comes from these 12 underlying things:

1. Talking badly about exan

Most men are unaware that they are getting their ex before their current one Talking Badly to Partner She feels special about what reacts to your relationship. Understanding. (So ​​folks, be careful when you say something about your ex or ask her what the trick she knows is.)

2. Lack of confidence, women don't like men who are lacking in confidence. A lack of confidence makes you look so clingy that it irritates many women.

3. Men who say yes to everything a woman says, women need someone to guide them and not their mother's child.

4. Women don't like it very much when you are always available. It makes everything seem like you have nothing to do in your life.

5. Nice guys who have the feeling that everything should be rushed and who appear emotionally and mentally weak. Yes, we, men want you to be nice, but what you think is not so nice.

6. In this generation, women lose interest so easily if youth eye bankrupt or if youth eye not ambitious and do not seek financial Fretheim.

7. Women are so easy to lose interest if you listen very poorly and are not very reliable.

8. Compare it to your ex or if you always take your ex in the photo.

10. Men who take things too seriously and respond to everything you say.

11. Looking at other girls

That's just disrespectful.No matter where you are with your date, she should be the only one that interests you. Now is the time to show her that even if there are a lot of beautiful women in the room, your eyes are on her.

12. Too cautious and not being emotionally open

I understand that men have the instinct to look for their wives and be strong in intimacy, which is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Hope that helps?

Thanks for reading !!

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