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Wedding planning scene

What a Heritage Day to remember

The picture above says it all. It was around 08h53 on 24 September 2021 when the man in black and white tied the knot with the love of his life. The 24th of September 2021 was a very joyous day for many people, a Heritage Day to remember. The couple above married each other in a very intimate way. It was only four people who were present, the priest, the bride, the groom and the cameraman.

It is very rare to see couples marrying each other in the same way the couple pictured above did.

Even though not many people were present, it was still a wedding. The good thing about having this kind of a wedding is that a hefty amount of money gets saved. In my opinion, if it was a big wedding, the couple would have spent more money on catering, the wedding attires for the bride, groom, bridesmaid and for the best men.

Another thing I am applauding the two lovers pictured above for is the fact that they honoured the lockdown rules and decided not to invite an influx of people.

They violated the lockdown rules by removing their masks and started kissing each other. If it was me, I would do the same thing. It will not be a perfect wedding without a kiss. It does not matter how many people are present. Kissing is another way of showing love to each other.

I am giving the newlywed couple a red card for not inviting anyone from their families. No matter how private a wedding is, few family members should have been there to give them support and blessings, not a cameraman.

Family is more important than a cameraman. They are the people we always run to for help, although we do not get along with some of our immediate and extended family members. Perhaps it is one of the reasons the newlyweds did not invite anyone from their family.

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Heritage Day


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