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'This African Tribe That Is Forbidden To Marry, And Only Walks With 2 Toes

It is also known as the Bantwana tribe, which literally translates as "descendants or offspring" in Swahili. A hunter-gatherer tribe from Zimbabwe's Kanyemba area, it is one of the continent's oldest and is also the country's sole remaining hunter-gatherer tribe.

Marriage outside of the tribe is prohibited in this community, yet these two-towed human beings are known to exist. "Ostrich-footed tribe" is another name for this group of people.

As a result, it is illegal for members to marry outside of the tribe, and the two-towed requirement does not apply to members of other ethnic groups. In the community, those who suffer from the disease are not seen as handicapped because their toes allow them to climb trees with ease.

A uncommon genetic disease known as "Ectrodactyly Syndrome" is the cause of the two-towed illness. At birth, this condition arises when a child is born without one or more toes or fingers. In addition, because of the hereditary nature of their disease (which is handed down from generation to generation), they are not permitted to marry outside their indigenous community. In addition, they are unable to run or wear shoes. When hunting for games or collecting food, the people of this tribe can only walk a short distance, yet they do so with ease. ​

A mutation on chromosomal number 7 is responsible for the medical disease that affects the Vadoma people. No wonder their two-towed feet assist them in climbing trees: a dominantly inherited genetic mutation persists when it has more positive benefits.

The African way of thinking leads some to believe that they came from a Baobab tree, with others believing that their forebears were like birds that emerged from the sky, landed on earth, and subsequently mixed with women in order to create young ones of their kind.

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