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Spiritual ties indeed does exist and can seriously block your life


Did you know that spiritual ties indeed does exist and can seriously block your life? Ever thought why after losing a partner, the remaining ones lives changes if not cleansed? 

They are usually strong when caused by direct family member or partner. When you spend much time together, your spirits also get intertwined. The reason for thoroughly cleansing is not only for the living one's benefit. 

When you cleanse, you break the spiritual ties between you and the dead. That is a good thing because once release.both the dead and the living will be at peace and the dead can easily serve as a guide (ancestor) for the living. And the living will have their life prosper. 

Therefore it is very important that you cleanse after any direct loss. Talk to us if you have not cleansed. Remember, cleansing is always needed the following happened :

1. Death in the family. 

2. Abortion. 

3. Miscarriage. 

4. Divorce. 

5. Schitho

If you have experienced any of the above you MUST cleanse as the dark cloud is passed on to your intimate partners. 

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