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I Slept With 16 Married Men & This Happened, Please Help Me

Some of you may assume that these stories are merely stories, or that they are myths and illusions, something that has never happened or existed; you may believe that she is simply telling a narrative for the sake of attention or entertainment; nonetheless, this does occur.

We don't know what's going on behind closed doors or in people's private lives, but we have a lot of fun with them. A great deal of heinous things are happening in this society, particularly among students, both girls and boys alike.

They have found individuals to whom they are willing to sacrifice their bodies in order for them to be able to sponsor their lives. People can feel a great deal of pressure when they are involved in academic life.

They come out of there with some characters that they did not develop at home, only to discover that these characters were developed in the university atmosphere where they were studying. This is why it is extremely vital to pray for your children when they are heading off to school each morning.

There are other students in the university atmosphere who have enrolled themselves in various occultic groups; others have made it a point to form groups that are specifically looking for males who will finance their lives, referred to as sugar daddies. They aren't concerned with whether or not they are married, but in the end, all of these factors have severe ramifications.

So I'm not sure what to make of this woman's story or what to say about it. It's a difficult decision, but one that should be justified in the end. But we all know that poverty and horrible situations like this happen, and I've merely summarized it so that people can have a general understanding of what she's talking about. Except for the grace of God and the intervention of divinity, there are times when no human being, no therapist, and no psychologist can be of assistance. Please leave a comment after reading her story, which can be found further down this page.

Hello, Mr. Editor.

Please post anonymously and with my ID hidden. I am in desperate need of God's forgiveness and the prayers of the people in this place. Please, no one should mistreat or insult me since, as things are now, I am already emotionally shattered and traumatized.

I'm unable to express my current state of affairs because I'm in such a state of disarray. My parents divorced when I was nine years old, and my mother transported me and my late sister to the northern hemisphere where she remarried. My late sister was raped twice, and my mother didn't believe her for a long time.

At the age of 22, I became pregnant and was abandoned by my boyfriend, and my mother's maltreatment of me became unbearable, and I fled the country and dropped out of school in my second year at the university.

In an unfortunate tragedy, my late sister, who had been raped, passed away. I went all in on prostitution, and the most of my big clients are married guys who enjoy Anal sex a great deal and are willing to spend a lot of money for it. Some of them are interested in it on a one-on-one basis, and I felt compelled to accept the offer because of the money.

My father's diabetic medications were purchased with money I earned and mailed to him. I am 34 years old and infected with HIV, and I am not sure if I will be able to survive. I wish I had a mother who would not treat me and my late sister the way my mother treated me and my sister.

What I don't know is whether or if any younger person who comes across my narrative will take something away from it. I'm in desperate need of prayers and forgiveness; please assist me.

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