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Here Is What The Shape Of Your Lips Say About Your Personality

We've said it before and we'll say it again: every component of your body is shaped the way it is for a reason. It reveals a lot about you as a person and your personality in general. Your lips, too, reveal a lot about who you are as a person. That's exactly what it says! 

Lips that are naturally full on top and bottom 

You have a strong desire to parent someone and care a lot about others if you are born with naturally full top and bottom lips. These people are social and crave a loving friend circle. Relationships are also important to them.

Thin Top and Bottom Lips

People that have such lips enjoy being self-sufficient. They despise being linked to others. They may not enjoy being in a relationship, but that does not mean they are incapable of doing so. 

Lips with a Cupid's Bow Peaked 

People with such lips are excellent communicators, as well as quick thinkers and creatives. These people, on the other hand, have Tongue in Cheek Syndrome and don't think about what they're saying before they say it. 

Lips with a Cupid's Bow that isn't defined 

Julia Roberts has the most beautiful lips. Emotional boundaries are absent in such people. They are overly loving and devote their entire selves to others while neglecting their own needs.

Lips That Are Naturally Plumper in the Center of the Upper and Lower Lip

This type of lip shape indicates that you are a natural performer who enjoys being in the spotlight. These folks have the potential to become exceptionally well-known in their lifetime! 

Natural Lips and a Small Mouth 

These are remarkable people who place a higher value on themselves than on anything else. They are extremely self-centered and self-sufficient.

No Upper Lip and a Normal Lower Lip

Such people place a higher value on their career than on their personal ties. And this is why they may have a rocky connection later in life! 

Lips that are normal to full and have a large mouth 

These people are always thoughtful and generous. They make fantastic partners and friends. 

Lips of "Goldilocks" 

These are medium-sized lips with a crest that isn't very pronounced. These people live a good life. You're not poor or needy, yet you long for the sensation of seeing someone. 

A Fuller Lower Lip Injected 

You enjoy being pampered and are also a pleasure seeker. You were created to have a good time! You enjoy interacting and having a good time!


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