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Divorce Affair

My mother turned my father into her zombie after he cheated on her and physical abused her and us

A young woman made an anonymous confession about how her mother turned their father into her own personal zombie. According to woman's story, her father used to cheat on her mother and most of the time he didn't take care of them financial. When ever he is drunk he would physical assault them and their mother. So her mother one day decided to go to a Sangoma the did something to him, after that her father started behaving Strangely it was like he was my mother's zombie. He stopped cheating and did what ever my mother wanted.

He extended their house and bought her mother a car, he started taking care of me and my sister. The problem is her mother is abusing their father. She brings man in their house Evey time when my father complains she beats him up.she use his money to spoil other men.

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