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Uzalo - It will end in tears for either Sambulo and Sibonelo

They say that parents have a favourite child: the one who’s punished less, who gets more attention and usually a big chunk of the inheritance. In the case of Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza), it’s not so much about favourites but more a case of who’ll be more beneficial to him. Which one will he choose – or will he let them battle it out?

Nkunzi has always thought he had one heir, Sibonelo (Wiseman Ncube). The plan was to groom him and then leave him everything. But then he discovered that he has another son – Pastor Gwala aka Sambulo (Menzi Biyela), who just recently came into his life. Major sibling rivalry kicks off for the brothers as Nkunzi ponders his options.

Nkunzi’s sons are opposite sides of a coin. Sibonelo is a doctor-turned-thug who spends his time thinking of ways to steal money to fund his distillery and he’s not afraid to kill to get his way.

This son, we might add, is more like his father than the other. Sambulo, on the other hand, seems to be an angel sent from God: the model son who made it his life’s work to help those in need and preach wherever it may be needed. But since he’s so different from Nkunzi, what’s the appeal?

Source: TVSA

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