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A need for a new social contract


A new social contract is needed between man and woman, a contract that is not based on material benefits but rather on common vision. With the new era that we are now entering, an era of the unemployed majority, material position must not be a prerequisite for the establishment of a relationship.

I think the desire to hustle together and establish a strong Afrikan family must be the main driving force. This will require us to also revisit our cultural practise such marriage.

We have been talking about this for sometime but I think it needs a real platform in our communities because, it needs consensus for it to work. Cultural practises must not be a hindrance to the establishment of the family structure, they were never designed to be so but colonisation has distorted them. 

Right now we have a big population of young people that are long time ready to form families but the socioeconomic situation is the problem. This results to a big number of children born out of wedlock with very weak spiritual foundation and identity crisis.

This situation is further contributing to the weakening of the family structure, because with children raised in broken families or by single parents, the chances are high that they will reproduce the same conditions from which they were raised.

This is why in our days, it's no longer a taboo for a boy or young man to impregnate a woman and for a young woman to have babies before marriage.

Our morale values of African are collapsing around us and no body seem to care. Our cultural practises need to be streamlined so that they allow for easy establishment of proper family units with a man and woman as the core foundation. 

Let's not become used and comfortable to the concept of single parents, let's not think the concept of womebs child is a badge of honourm., let's not treat our girls and young woman as commodities to be sold under the guise of marriage which is our days seen as a Lotto.

Let's view the formation of a relationship between a man and a woman as a necessary building block for a strong nation.

Our traditional leaders are supposed to be the ones leading this revival of the Afrikan family but alas they are colonised themselves. Its upon us now as members of the Afrikan nation to save this critical building block of our nation (family) before it becomes a thing of the past.

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