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"My Husband Would Beat Me Everytime I Got My Periods, He Was Seeing Another Lady in Church" - Grace

A woman who goes by the name of Grace has shared her story of how her husband would physically abuse her during her menstrual cycle.

She was openly insulted and branded a barren lady, despite the fact that they were not married.

Despite the fact that they were both born again, Grace had to pretend that everything was fine when they were attending church services.

A visit from her mother in law during this period prompted the family into making poridge. Her mother-in-law poured the wine on the floor when Grace completed preparing and serving because she couldn't drink anything because there was no baby there.

Eventually Grace discovered that her husband was having an affair with a member of their church's praise and worship team. At 1 am, he forced her out of their marital house when she challenged him. He later expressed regret.

Grace states that she ignored multiple red flags during their wedding day. For six years, she was married to a violent man.

To help other women avoid the same mistakes she did, Grace shares her story. Her own experiences with marriage and divorce were documented in a book titled "Devote or Divorce."

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