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6 Signs that a woman is not into you

In this article, I am going to talk about the signs that a girl doesn't like you. The problem is that most women are not direct, so it can be difficult to know if she likes you or not. You may think that by keeping you around she likes you but she could be using you for attention or maybe you are just in the friend zone. This article aims to help you identify if a woman doesn't like you so that you won't waste your time.

Here are the signs that a woman doesn't like you.

1. It's been months but nothing has happened

This simply means that you are in the friendzone. When a woman friendzone you, it means that she feels nothing under her belt when she is around you. In other words, she doesn't find you sexually attractive. She just feels like she is with another girl. Months have passed and in your mind, you still have hope that you can still spread her thighs. It would be better if a woman just tells you from the start that she doesn't like you and she can never be intimate with you so that you can move on to women who do.

2. She complains to you about other men

Now she is using you as an emotional tampon. She sees you as a shoulder to cry on. The worst part is that she is complaining about the guy she Is intimate with. The guy she is intimate with is emotionally unavailable. You keep being supportive, telling her how bad that man is for her in hopes that she will see you as a good man for her.

3. She has a 90-day rule

Some women claim that they only sleep with a man after they knew him for three months. If she comes up with this 90-day rule or you have to take her on multiple dates for her to sleep with you, it's because she doesn't like you. When a woman likes you, you won't have to prove yourself to her. When a woman likes you, she would make sure that she sleeps with you as fast as she can so that she can keep you. The only way a woman can prove herself to you is by offering you sex. She can only do that to the guy she likes and that guy won't even wait a week.

4. She is too comfortable around you

When she is comfortable around you, this is another sign that she just see you as a friend. When a woman likes you, she will be nervous around you. Her heart would beat a little bit faster.

5. She is not present

She doesn't seem interested in the conversation. It's either she keeps looking at her phone or looks around but doesn't maintain eye contact. This is another sign that she is not into you.

6. She is not trying to figure you out

You keep on asking her questions about where she stays or does she have a boyfriend. She just answers those questions but never asks what about you? This shows that she doesn't want to know you.

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