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Divorce Affair

OPINION : Three Things Ladies To Avoid Divorce Before You Get Married

Yes I know any ladie need a man with money so that he can give her a good life, but what i knows is money can buy love. Marriage is a partnership that both of you entered into, and that means you are both to agreed to be responsible for your actions as part of union.

Step (1) You need to love your man for who he is not for what he has.

*you have to take responsibility

*Do not look at the expinses when you first got married because you married will not go far

*the risk will follow after first learn to love your partner

Step (2) Trust and believe in your man

*if you trust your man believe me your marriage will go far

*stop blame your man in everything some of the things learn to pray everything will be settled

Step (3) do not include friends and family in your marriage

*some will not wish you the best

*it is important to realise that marriage is a commitment between two people that need to hold true in the good times and the bad

*accept what you have so that you can enjoy your marriage.

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