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Husband and wife relationship

" My sister stole my husband "

A woman shared her heartbreaking story on social media and people are shocked. She asked her 

husband to take her little sister as a second wife because she couldn't give him kids, little did she know that her life was about to change.

This is her story :

" I write from a place of hurt and betrayal. I went from being a happy house wife to a nobody in a space of a short time. I was happily married to my husband for many years. The only problem was i couldn’t have children for him, i couldn’t sustain a pregnancy beyond 1st trimester. I had countless miscarriages until eventually i couldn’t fall pregnant anymore.

My husband was very supportive through it all, he would assure me that i am still the same woman he loved years back and shall continue loving until forever comes. He was my Godsent, i had dreams which he supported like they were his own.

He comes from a family of riches so he’s well off and works for his family business that keeps doing well year after year. I had everything any woman could ever need. Coming from a disadvantaged family, my husband took me to school since my family couldn’t afford.

I was unlucky in finding employment but i had a very thick wife allowance so i was never in need of anything. I took care of home, i have an older brother, a younger sister and a younger brother. Financialy i had everyone’s back.

My younger sister was a lazy spoiled child, her only ambition was getting married to a rich man one day. As much as my husband didn’t have a problem with the fact that i was failing to give him children, his family had a problem with it.

A lot of times i was reminded that i wasn’t getting any younger. I eventually convinced my husband to marry another wife preferably my little sister. It took him a long time to accept. My sister is the one who came up with this suggestion and was waiting for me to convince hubbs. Little did i know that she had plans of her own.

My little sister was the black sheep of the family but i loved her very much and i was the only one who could discipline her, i thought i would be in control of her marriage to my husband.

They finally got married and i was supervising their moves, my husband was very uncomfortable with this whole situation but he did it because he wanted to see me happy.

After a few months of living with my little sister as my sister wife she fell pregnant. We were all so happy and everything was fine. Everything fell apart when she gave birth. She asked my husband to allow her to move in with my inlaws, she said she was uncomfortable living with someone who can’t have kids.

She started accusing me of all sort of things, she turned my inlaws against me. Before i knew it my husband had also moved into my in-laws house. I was left alone in our house. My husband stopped coming home, i would see my little sister posting happy family pics.My little sister stopped talking to me and had turned everyone against me. The last stroke was when my husband filed for divorce. It got worse when he asked me to leave the house.

I begged till I couldn’t beg no more and left. I went back home and i still haven’t healed. The wounds becomes fresh everytime my little sister comes home and gives me the dirty look. She is now living my life and she is not even remorseful about it.

My baby sister drives my car, lives in my house and sharing a bed with my husband every night. Sometimes my husband and little sister comes to our home together and all i can do is just watch them playing happy family with tears in my eyes. I eventually had to move out of my parent’s house and i now live in a one room shack and recently got a job. I don’t have much but atleast i am healing".


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