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Dating is not for everyone and you need life cover for it in SA

South Africans continues to have a tough time when it comes to dating and for how much is not pleasing to South Africans especially from this 20th century, whereby people are having bad encounters from Mjolo.

As much as people continues to talk about how difficult to be in a relationship without getting hurt by your partner whom you trust and love very much, it is still not easy from how South Africans are talking about it online.

With all the bad stories shared from dating, you may say people don't listen, but you cannot stay away from it since it is considered as a need. Is like being between a rock, and rock without having a better and soft option in between.

It is like how people are unemployed in South Africa, but learners and students goes to primary and secondary schools, tertiary and varsity with a hope of getting employment opportunities after completing their studies.

Surely you understand how it is important and at the same time considering reality as it happens and it may not provide any motivation for you to study. An option would be starting your own business to receive an income.

And also just like dating without falling in love, because you want happiness from being in a relationship as they called it, no strings attached. Maybe this could be a better way of how people would go for this lifestyle.

What are your thoughts?

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