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Uzalo: Nosipho Might Have Just Signed Her Death Sentence For Accepting Njezas Lift

Njeza had been very abusive towards Nosipho and their whole relationship relied upon what Njeza said. 

So in the wake of isolating, Nosipho showed Njeza out of her shack and squeezed all his stuff just to show the sum she would not kid about this. 

As a technique for moving past Njeza, Nosipho decided to start looking for reverence on a dating App. She trapped with an individual and they headed out to have a great time. 

During their date, Njeza hopped out of nowhere to ask regarding whether she was okay. Nosipho had now seemed to have been settling in well with her new date. They were regardless, fastening hands. However, Njeza demolished everything. 

After the date, Nosipho returned to home base and Njeza followed her in Sibonelo's vehicle. He arrived from the vehicle when he discovered her. They talked and Njeza used his allure for loosen up her. 

He then, offered her a lift and Nosipho agreed. In privileged insights for this current evening's show, Njeza drove past Nosipho's home and it's not known were he is driving her. 

That is reliably the circumstance with abusive associations. Women reliably stick to the men that torment them. 


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