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Husband and wife relationship

Women Left in shock after wife discovers this about her husband

For the past eight months, Ndayisenga and Deborah have been married. For two years, Ndayisenga says he dated his wife, but never told her he was born without legs.

The legs of Ndayisenga were amputated after he was engaged in a fire accident. After the accident, he was left all alone, having lost his entire family.

He says he's been bullied by many people in his village because of his disability, and he's been told that no lady will ever accept him as a husband.

Aside from that, he's also a musician who met his wife while competing in a talent show. The two of them became good friends before developing a romantic relationship.

Since he had endured rejection throughout his childhood, he was afraid to open up to the woman he would marry after his legs had been amputated while they were dating.

His wife was shocked when she learned her husband had no legs, but it didn't stop her from falling in love with him.

The best wife in the world, according to Deborah, and she will always be on her side in any argument with him. Ndayisenga, on the other hand, had been expecting a divorce from his wife, but it never happened.

For the past eight months they've been married, and they say it's the finest thing that's ever happened to them.Video:


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Deborah Ndayisenga


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