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Results of dating unemployed ladies. She did this after a guy cheated on her

The results of dating unemployed ladies. If she was at work she wouldn't have had time to do this. She would understand the financial value and time invested in working n buying that stuff

it's her mentality.

Even if she was employed with the same mentality she'd do this when she came back from work. There was a video of a girl breaking windows. I mean, as an employed hun i know how much that is. Grocery is expensive, building material worse. Just walk.

The first thing she was supposed to do is investigate, beyond reasonable, whether the man cheated or not.

Next, she must establish WHY he cheated.

The outcome of the preliminary inquiry will determine whether she leaves the guy or buries the hatchet.

How exactly is destroying this man's groceries going to stop the cheating mara? The side will come help clean this mess, they will eat GoSlos in peace & they will proceed to make the springs in the mattress squeak nicely

She was ill-advised by her friend... shame I feel sorry for the cheater Confused face. But if i was on that position of the cheater, would definitely get this dramatic galfriend pay for the damages as there's no need for this.

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