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Mzantsi In Love With Tamaryn Green Umembeso Ceremony That Left Many With Dropped Jaws

When something is beautiful in South Africa, you can bet your whole monthly salary that is going to trend and spread all over Social media platforms like wildfire.

Recently, pictures of a beautiful traditional ceremony called "Umembeso", have sparked some love in many people's hearts and to add a cherry on top, the fact that this ceremony was of people of different races.

They say love can conquer all and that meaning even if you of different race, culture and backgrounds, when you love each other, that doesn't matter.

However, we must admit that this is not the first and definitely not the last, but yet we can agree that this is the first of this kind amd class.

This Ceremony that is making people which they were the ones in it is of our Former Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green and Zesimdumise Nxumalo and is their step to their Traditional Wedding that obviously everyone is looking up to.

Umembeso happens after lobola has been paid and the Groom's family brings gifts to the Bride's family.

This one was held in Paarl and got us to see celebrities like Khaya Dlanga and Mayihlome Tshwete.

The umbrella which was covered with R200 notes, Tamaryn's dress, her beauty and not to forget the smiles in the faces of Family and friends say it all and South African people couldn't get enough.

Her post post good a lot of comments, likes and love amd her caption was, " Thank you lord for a beautiful an blessed day. Thank you for blessing me with the love of my life."

People couldn't hold back and went on to the comment section. See the screenshots below.

What do you think about this beautiful Ceremony andthe Couple?

Leaves your thoughts below.

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