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Husband and wife relationship

"We Won't Marry Until We Find A Man Who Will Marry Us Both"- Twins Say (Video)

When two beautiful twins sit down for an interview, they state that if they do not find a man who will marry them both, they will continue to be unmarried. They stated that they were born together, that they have always been together, that they grew up together, that they went to the same school, and that they have done everything as a couple as well.

The only thing that can separate them is a man; if a man is ready to marry them, he must marry them both and Wed them both. There is nothing on this earth that can separate them. Shiru, one of the twins, claims that men always flee once she informs them that if he wants to marry her, he must also marry her sister, and then marry both of them at the same time. She claimed that all of the guys to whom they had given that condition had abandoned them. She stated that she and her husband were not ready to be separated.

Shiru recalls that when they were children, their parents attempted to separate them, but as soon as they did, they became ill, and they returned home, where they recovered.

He claims that not even a man can separate the two of them. Shiru is 45 years old. She stated that if no male expressed interest in marrying them both, they may marry themselves. She and her partner stated that they are ready for a relationship that will lead to marriage if the man is ready and willing to accept their criteria in order for them to get married to each other.

Having said that, what are your thoughts on this particular story? Does it appear to you that they will be successful in finding a man who will marry them both, or do you believe their requirements are too onerous for a man to accept and marry them both? What would you do if you were one of these two identical twins, or, if you were a man, would you marry both of these identical twins?

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