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Pictures of a 12 year old pregnant girl and her boyfriend had everyone talking.

On Twitter, many people have been discussing a photo that has been going around showing a 12-year-old girl who is pregnant with her boyfriend. The girl herself uploaded the photo. In the original post, the caption said, "At least he stayed." Pictured are the girl and her boyfriend, who are depicted holding hands as they embrace the pregnant woman's belly. People are pointing fingers at their parents, saying they weren't properly educated on the dangers of unprotected sexual activity.

"Considering that March is Women's History Month, I'm at a loss to comprehend how anyone could comment on this page and endorse such a pointless photo. The provisions of Section 15 of the Criminal Code make it difficult for a young lady who has been the victim of rape to consent to sexual conduct (which deals with sexual offenses and other related offenses). Tragically, she fell prey to it. Please don't try to extradite the Guptas to South Africa; they'll win the cases in which they're now engaged. A case of statutory rape committed against the youngest parents in the world should serve as proof that our legal system is a complete and utter farce."


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