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You are the best and first relationship you need and the relationship that needs more communication

Life needs to be lived but to live and enjoy it you need people around you and that is something we can not run away from but what happens when you are not there for yourself?

How often do we hear about the importance of COMMUNICATION, especially in relationships... we can not deny that to have a solid and long lasting relations,we have to let communication take a lead but what about yourself,where are you in all of this?

Have you ever sat down with yourself and asked "what is it that I want, what is the end goal from all this chasing after people?

We need be loved but we need to love ourselves more,we need to sit ourselves down and have honest conversations with us because only us knows what exactly do we need and when and how do we need it. Will Smith said " his wife's happiness depends on herself Soley "

Depending on someone to keep going is selfish, people are not God therefore they can not breathe life into you,if you are empty inside there's zilch that other people can do to help you, you need yourself to be happy, you need to communicate with yourself before anyone else's.

We tend to make blunders of trying to make relationships/friendships works while we are we don't know what is really working for us and what exactly are we working on.

To have the best relationship with yourself, you need SELF-LOVE and self love isn't looking in the mirror and say" I love myself".

Self-love requires time...time with yourself,it requires patience... patience with yourself,forgiveness... forgiving yourself for the things that you've put you through,for the things that you shouldn't have allowed yourself to go through, self-love needs you to love yourself with all your scars and nakedness before you start to love someone else's as they are.

You are what needs more communication because you need to understand yourself before understanding someone else. Do not exclude yourself trying to be there for others or to make a relationship work. Make sure you are whats working for you before a relationship.

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