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Red flags in a relationship. My opinion

1. Calling you names

Someone who says he/she loves you will never swear at you, or call you names, no matter how angry or disappointed he/she might be. As soon as those words leave their mouth. It's over.

2. Doesn't keep their promises.

That is a big red flag. If they can't make it to dinner or whatever they planned with you and do not even call to apologise or explain what happened, you are in it with yourself. Run.

3. Hitting you.

As soon as they lay their hands on you, run for your life. It may start with a 'simple' clap on the face and believe it will escalate to more.

Sooner or later you'll find yourself hospitalized because of 'love'. Run and never look back.

4. Cheating.

If they cheat they no longer love you. Period. That goes without saying. Move on.

There's a saying that all men cheat. That is not true. Not all men cheat. Cheaters are cowards. And I hope you are not a coward.

Taking care of your significant other is wonderful. Be there for each other, love one another and support each other.

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