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Dating Romantic

Laughter is the best medicine

When your advert interrupts my video. It just makes me hate your product Don't be a boring girlfriend. Take your boyfriend and push him into a lion's cage and yell 'Daniel my love'

When I'm reading Romans chapter 8 and I get to the part that says 'There is nothing else in the whole world that can stop God from loving us.'Stop beating dogs at weddings because you are all there for the same reason. This guy deserves a problem solver medal Cheers to us who never had s3x this year You are lucky I share memes because the time I start sharing relationship advice most of you will be single.

Women: I wonder why we live longer than men.

Men:No matter how good the memes are. There are some people that will never react on any. I wonder why When I watch romantic movies but I no longer believe in love... Me: Push her!

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