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Mzansi Reacts To Wedding of Former Miss SA Tamryn Green: " It was the Most Beautiful Wedding In SA "


Former Miss SA Tamryn Green got married over the weekend and her beautiful marriage has been trending on social media. Her wedding was the most beautiful traditional wedding South Africa has ever seen .Its a sad thing that their wedding didnt make it on tv.

Mzansi took to social media to react on the wedding and many people think that it was a beautiful wedding However not everyone thought so .The comments about the wedding turned political very fast after someone commented that " this is the rainbow Nation Mandela hates ".

Tamryn Green is a mixed race or coloured woman who is getting married to a Zulu man and thats doesn't sit well with a lot of people.The way Malema name was dragged into all of this is not right.Malema is not very fond of white people but that doesnt mean he hates the rainbow nation .He hates inequality in SA due to race .South Africa is a rainbow nation mixed with different races and colours and We should celebrate that as a country especially when a young couple decides to unite .

Other nasty comment that came in was that "we would never get the land back ".These are not good things to say especially on a wedding day.People just have a problem with the fact that some people dont mind marrying people of different races and it bothers them so much that they try to ruin someone's beautiful wedding with their comments.

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