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For single ladies : 5 turn offs that will keep you single

Single ladies , the following article is for you and l hope it's going to be very useful to you.

Being single can be queit boring at times especially when you are looking to be in a relationship.

 Worry no more for l have the tips that will assist you into attracting potential dates your way .

As a single lady who is ready to mingle it's very much important that you put yourself out there and you display characteristics that will not turn off your date.

Here are the 5 things you should not to do when wanting to enter the dating game , these are the things guys consider as turn offs.

5. Untidyness.

It's important to be hygienic and clean as a lady. Being clean and practising good hygiene does wonders for your self esteem and guys are attracted to a smart and neat woman.

So a lady should put effort into looking clean , smelling good and looking fresh .

4. Laziness.

A lady who doesn't care for herself due to being lazy is a huge turn off. It's important as a lady to possess energy and to be out and about, to be hyper active and most importantly hard-working.

3. Lack of ambition.

As a lady you must have ambitions , you must aspire to be something in life and you must have goals.

It's important to structure you life the right way, to have a sense of direction and purpose as you live through life .

A woman with a sense of direction in her life is an extremely attractive woman.

2. Bad manners.

A lady must display good manners . She must handle herself like a lady .

A lady with good manners is kind , humble and mindful of what she says.

 She must have respect for herself and others. 

Every guy loves and respects a well mannered woman.

1. Poor sense of fashion.

Well it's important for a lady to have a good fashion sense if she is looking to date.

How you dress speaks volumes about who you are and how you want to be seen out there.

A good fashion sense gives you dignity and it accentuates your level of attractiveness , making it easier for you to be able to find a date.

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