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I Wish I Didn’t Lie To My Parents, The Dying Last Words Of A 14-year-Old Girl At Enyobeni

“I wish I didn’t lie to my parents.” These are the words of a 14-year-old girl from East London, one of the girls who unfortunately died in the whole commotion that was caused there so you can understand that it is not a great idea for them to be caught up in something like this

This is unfortunately an incident that has shocked many members of the public who really font know what to make of that incident, where such a high number of people unfortunately died for no apparent reason and this is something that has to be investigated.

She had told her family she would be attending a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night and she was lying in order to get out to spend some time with her school friends partying so you can imagine how the whole incident turned out for her, it definitely did not give her the impression that she would be in this situation and she unfortunately died in that chaos.

This has been seen by many members of he public even he highest offices of the country, I’m talking about Bheki Cele who went to the scene in order to assess the situation and to comment on the matter that happened there. He vehemently renounced the decisions of the parents to be very careless about their children and that is the very unfortunate thing about this whole mess, the tavern was basically catering to under aged children but the owners have unequivocally denied that this is the case.

They say that the place got flooded and overrun by school children who then proceeded to over power the security guard in order to access the place, so he managed to just do that so you can see that this is definitely something that does not happen a lot in the country.

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