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Clement gets dating advice from someone we least expected #SkeemSaam

nobody can convince me that there's a better soapie than skeem saam at the moment. Bra sikes is about to blow our screens.

Meiki offers Mapitsi a job at the supermarket and she refused because she always busy with her own things and she said her customer service is horrible.

Bra Sikes wants to recruit Meikie into the gang. I saw this coming, apparently Bra Sikes has something on Meikie that he is blackmailing her with. Now Meikie is forced to do the dirty works for him, even Mogadishu is involved.

Meikie doesn't learn she hasn't even gone to trial yet for her previous indiscretion and already she wants to be shooting down criminals .

Leeto went to prison to visit Noah and only to find out he is no more at prison. I wonder what happened did he escape or he moved to another prison? Guess will find out soon,

Charles is a very rude businessman not considering the customers at all he doesn't care. Koloi only wanted to see that piece of jewellery  only for Charles to shout at him and take away papers from him like he is a small child.

There is good progress with MaNtuli, I love this for that family , Sfiso requested Mantuli to go and ask fo forgiveness from Meikie but Meikie being Meikie she didn’t accept the apology and yet she made a proposal that only if Mantuli Tell Zamo not to allo John to put him in his will is then that she will consider making peace with Mantuli.

Now Meikie is really losing it how is that gonna fix things? yes Mantuli did her bad but it is done now what is this request? Zamokuhle has a share too. Hope sfiso convince Zamo to  fight for his heir as well.

Looks like Clement is falling for Oritonda, Orindota brought notes for Climent from university and they had a lovey dicey moment. Climent is hesitant about texting Ori and fixings things. Mantuli is being a supportive grandmother and gives Clement dating advice.


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