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Husband and wife relationship

2 Things Husband and Wife Should Do Together Early in The Morning

The major duty for building the groundwork for their family rests with the husband and wife. They are responsible for leading by example for their children. A traditional African husband will stand behind his wife while she is washing herself and wait until she is completed before exiting the room. Because of the travel arrangements they arranged, they would arrive at their destination late at night.

It is preferable to get out of bed first thing in the morning to spend time with your wife before going to work than to get out of bed to take a bath and then head into the office every day. It is ideal to spend time with your wife first thing in the morning before leaving to work. However, in this post, I will discuss two activities that a husband and wife should do together first thing in the morning before starting their day. These are activities that help to build the couple's relationship.

1. Start each day with devotions and prayer chanting.

In some households, the morning practice does not involve an act of thanksgiving to God. When you get up early in the morning and thank God for waking both of you up, you are performing a crucial part of your obligation as a loyal Muslim or Christian husband, and it is something you should do every morning. Please keep in mind that many folks slept all night and were unable to get out of bed the next morning. Please make it a practice to pray with your wife first thing in the morning.

2. Participating in Physical Activity First and foremost

Although you express your dissatisfaction with your wife's weight gain on a frequent basis, you never offer to assist her in reducing her food intake or engaging in any other activity that may stimulate weight loss. After you've done your morning prayers, spend the following 10 minutes doing something indoors to help you burn off some of your additional energy. Because their spouses do not want to work out with them, a lot of ladies have taken on the role of side chicks for their gym instructors. If you ask your wife to work out with you in the morning and offer her to join you, you can function as her personal trainer.

What types of calming activities do you and your wife enjoy first thing in the morning?

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