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Sikes Does Not Play Games -See What His Going To Do After Court

Meikie Maputla encouraged John Maputla to buy a weapon to get the family at this point John Maputla didn't allow that to happen. Meikie Maputla will not at any point change the friendship she have for the weapon. 

Witness What's going To Bra Sikes Meikie isn't frightened She Will do what at any point to ensure her family 

Meikie and Leeto are coordinating to stop what Bra sikes is expecting to do in the store, they don't confess all with John Maputla about sikes now Bra 

sikes will not stop till he get what he need. He will keep on calling her so she recollect about the plan. 

Leeto don't understand that Bra sikes did this considering her mother, Bra sikes feel that Meikie owes he by getting away from prison her significant other who is a cop help her so sikes need to use Maputla corner shop to clean his money. Genuinely Bar Sikes would rather not give. Maputla's family evident serenity, will not end well with Bra Sikes. 

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