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Taking arv medication keeps your skin healthy.

being HIV ddnt stop her from living her best life tsepang ddnt have the easy journey in life as she is famous of talking about her her status mostly on social media.

According to statistics in south Africa post of the people who are infected with hiv is considered to be women.

For tsepang being hiv positive turned out to be a privilege for her as now she's a motivation for many people who are hiv positive and also most of the people who are give positive couldn't tell the world about their is difficult to live under the infection when you are young because most of the people are your age they find it difficult to be in a relationship with you and also to even be your friend.

This is because of The believe that people they can be infected with hiv when they are close to you, this believe is not true as one can have a healthy relationship with the person who's infected with hiv.

For tsepang for her being the hiv activist opened many doors as she's able to have health talks with the people younger than her and also with people older than her.besides her being hiv positive the challenges of always thinking about the sickness remains with her, but the best way for her is to.always take her arc medication in time.

The one thing that she always talk about is that being hiv positive will not stop You to live your best life.

The other best qualities about tsepang is to be able to have the giving spirit she demonstrated to also give information children on How to stay safe from hiv and also how to protect themselves from getting the infection.

It is indeed a journey for her and she's willing to help people who are hiv positive to be able to feel confident around their communities, being confident also mean to be able to share your life experience with other people so that they can be able to protect themselves or act difficult when they are cchallenged with a certain situation.


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