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Can a heart stop loving?- See how people have been struggling to get over their former lovers

I have been asking myself if love is a permanent or temporal feeling, I have been wondering if it is possible to stop loving someone that you once saw yourself building a future with, but I am too young to know everything about love.

A PhD holding therapist Janet Brito wrote on that it might be impossible to entirely stop loving the person that you were deeply involved with. She says the only way to get through this natural circumstance is to be able to manage the feeling in a way that will help you move on from them. She believes that love does not just go away because we want it to.

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I saw a discussion on social media whereby people were sharing their experiences of how they have been trying to get over the feelings of loving their ex partners but they are failing.

There is a guy who says that he cannot stop loving his former girlfriend who was impregnated by another guy while they were in a relationship. The guy says this former lover of his is no longer in a relationship with the father of her child. He reveals that he is acting like he is over her, but when he speaks about her, people see tears in his eyes.

A lady called Samukelisiwe says she has been crying all nights after finding out that her partner just paid Lobola last month. She believes that she will eventually learn to live without him because they were not born together at the end of the day.

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A guy named Mawandla says he is failing to deal with a feeling that he has for his girlfriend's friend. He says he tried ignoring this feeling but it does not seem to fade away from his heart.

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My point of view is that love is a strong feeling. A heart does not have a button that you can just press or unclick so that the feeling will go away. Moving on from someone that you dearly loved takes time and when the healing process is over, you will feel like the feeling is gone whereas it is there but you are just too occupied to entertain it.

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