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5 Mistakes Most Women Make That Cause Them To Lose Their Man

The majority of women are unaware that some behaviors upset men greatly. Women get away with their mistakes while blaming everything on men, failing to understand that if they continue to be unreasonable, men would lose patience. Here are some frequent blunders women make that push guys away to assist them find out what they've been doing wrong

1. You chase him down

I've written before on how to get men to chase you, but it's worth emphasizing that if you want a masculine energy man to pursue you and respect your feelings, it has to be his idea. I understand how difficult it is to wait for anything, but if you want a long-term relationship, you must be patient. From now on, you don't need closure, nor do you need to know "why he wasn't interested." Allow the cream to rise to the top by allowing dead relationships to fade away gracefully. If he cares about you, he will go out of his way to treat you nicely. If that isn't the case, then throw him out like a hot potato.

2. Having a negative outlook on life.

Being with someone who emits negative energy all of the time is not only exhausting, but also unhealthy. Men can only help their spouses to a certain extent, but being in a negative and depressing environment can weaken morale and make it harder for them to remain optimistic. As a result, men will want to spend less time with women and avoid them when they are at their worst, which is most of the time.

3. A lady who refuses to put up the effort required to keep a relationship going.

You must always be willing to put up the effort necessary to make a relationship succeed. If your boyfriend senses that you are bored and indifferent in your relationship, he will eventually leave you. When you invest work into your connections, you cherish what you have more than other things. That kind of emotional expression is essential in every relationship.

4. A woman who is way too reliant on herself.

Ladies, you must understand that a man desires to be able to care for you. Yes, you may be a strong, self-reliant woman who works hard to achieve her objectives. In fact, he admires you for being goal-oriented and driven. Allow him to indulge you every now and again. Allow him to help you with your problems from time to time. It will make him feel important and respected. If you don't offer him the opportunity, his self-esteem will suffer, and he will become disinterested.

5. A woman who does not have a life outside of her marriage.

Outside of your relationship with your partner, you should always have a life. The pressure of being a woman's sole source of happiness will never be too much for a guy to bear. You should have interests and goals outside of your relationship. You should have close friends, interests, and career goals that you can focus your efforts on. While your spouse should remain an important part of your life, he should not be the only one.

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