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Divorce Affair

Ladies Run Away From This Man, See Photos Of '17+' Girls He Has Dated So Far


Loyalty is one of the hardest things to find these days, because people don't longer value loyal to their partners and this problem is on both sides. Both men and women are no longer faithful. There are so many videos and photos of people caught cheating. Not so long ago, all social networks turned upside down after a man found his wife in bed with another man and decided to record her. What really happened to loyalty?


There are more photos of a womanizer trending on social media. Many people were surprised when it was discovered that this man had more than 15 girlfriends. Whenever he finds a new partner, he takes a picture with her and keeps it. Now all his photos with his partner are on Facebook. See the photos below:

With the number of women he has been with, many people are curious as to how he managed to get these girls to love him, since he don't look very rich.

In the generation we live in, it is very stupid to play and sleep with different girls because there are so many sexually transmitted diseases. Sick people there. Such behavior should be criticized. It should be legal for cheating spouses to be arrested because many innocent people lose their lives because of unfaithful partners. It's really sad to be loyal to your partner only to find out that he or she is sleeping. We have to normalize our actions towards such people.

Just recently, a husband caught his wife messing with another man in front of their newly born baby. This goes a long way to prove that infidelity rate is increasing in South Africa. What will be your first action if you catch your partner in bed with another person? Would you fight them or just look away and file for a divorce or dissolve the relationship?

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