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The right time to get Married according to the Scientist :OPINION

Source : face book

There is no best time to get married in this world . Many people have been in a marriage that they didn’t want because of wanting to get married quickly and show off to their friends.

Research has revealed that most people begin to get aware of their marriage plans after they are already in the process of being hooked. This is common to people who are in love for real and not playing.They tend to have clashing discussions in their mind as they need to be sure about what to do and when exactly is good for them to get married.

After I have done my small research, I realised that most people from

The age of 20 to 30 are the ones who are likely to get married as they are still young and have nothing to worry about . Before you decide to get committed to someone else , you should do a self introspection whereby you can outline your interests as well as of your partner. Have a clear understanding of what you are about to do. A marriage is a lifetime thing so you need to know the person you will spend the rest of your life with .

There are many cases whereby people can get married today and divorce tomorrow. This is common. People don’t sacrifice like our old people back in the days , once they see something wrong they run away and leave you just like that .

Another research by the IFS - Institute For Family Studies also revealed that relationships that begin at a younger age have higher chances of ending with a Divorce though some religions like Islam who believes that marrying at an early stage is good for some reasons which are contradictory to this research. Indian parents already know their children’s potential husband from when they are still young . This has been their culture for too long and most of the time there is nothing you can do if you happen to be dating their daughter.

I will say there is no right time to get married.

Kindly comment below with your opinion, let us know when is the right time to get married according to you .

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