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My cousin Say I Must Use This Pills To Stop My Man From Cheating On Me (see how)

After being cheated on more than once my boyfriend who additionally happens to be the father of my son I ended up at that point the place I sat lower back and questioned myself what is it that I ought to not be doing right in my relationship, I have been attempting all that got here in my mind to strive to convince him to stay away from other girls, however he kept going again anyway.

I regarded around my buddies and siblings and realized that they hardly ever bitch about cheating, I am the solely one who usually have that problem. After searching at how love was continually in the air for Susan, a cousin of mine for the first time in lifestyles I determined to ask for some advice on how I could maintain him and this is what she told me. Read chats in the screenshots below.

As you can see she simply cautioned that I use sure tablets to tighten myself down there and such should help, searching at all that I have tried in order to hold my relationship in order I have never ever tried this before so making an attempt this sounds like a properly idea which I am prepared to take and see how it will go. However, I am having 2d thoughts about all this. One piece of me is telling me that this may want to be the solution, as the other is telling me that this can give up in tears in the lengthy run.

So now I have a few questions for you as reader's who would possibly have some accepted expertise on this type of stuff. Does this have some facet effects?what sorts of consequences one can have to face in the long run after placing all this to the test? Please leave your remarks on this trouble in the remarks section below

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