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Local lady warns women not to take loans for their boyfriends after this happens

No one likes to be in debt but sometimes the situation and circumstances might force someone to look for a little help whether form other people or from the bank.

Loans are usually made so that people can receive a large sum of money all at once rather than wait till they have it saved up. The money will also be returned according to how someone earns as well.

A certain girl shared a devastating story of what had happened to a friend when she took out a load for her boyfriend. She wrote " My friend took a loan of R200 000 for a taxi driver exe boyfriend. the guy left her as soon as all the money was deposited to his account."

A lot of women get corned by their boyfriends by being asked to take out loads for them. Mostly anyone should be able to take a loan for themselves if they have a stable income. However a lot of people become black listed for being bad debtors therefore they use other people to tale debts for them then leaving the other person in serious debt.

Women should be very careful of being scammed by such men especially if the two are not married. it could easily end in tears.

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