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" He is lying. I would never pay a man to sleep with me ", a woman from Cosmo City says

Take people at their word when they warn you that navigating relationships may be challenging. Some people intentionally put themselves in relationships with the goal of making their partners' life miserable. There are certain people who, no matter how many times you assure them that the bond you had with them is long gone, will never be able to let go of the past. When it's time to move on, some people will accept it, while others may use it as an opportunity to spread rumors.

Zanele Mahlangu at extension 6 at Cosmo City has verified that to be true. A 36-year-old guy stayed up for two weeks. Her cell phone has been ringing nonstop with calls and texts. On a regular basis, men have been calling and offering to sleep with her for a price. Her ex-boyfriend, Hope Ndlovu, was so angry that he told the whole country through national television that she had paid him to have sex with her.

She denied the allegations categorically. Hope has also told Daily Sun that he and Zanele never dated, despite Zanele and her family members' vehement denials of this.

Tragically, Zanele lost a lot of money aiding Hope, but she never gave up. She gave him a loan of about R17,000 when they were dating, and he hasn't paid it back yet. She alleges that back in October, Hope offered her a profitable business opportunity in return for R15,000. She allegedly agreed to the deal and handed Hope the money.

Hope apparently started making things up only weeks before the company's planned debut, as revealed by Zanele. She also swore that she would never again pay a man for having sex with her.

I was really taken aback by his assertions. His assistance in acquiring some of my property was appreciated, but the harm he has done to my reputation and honor is immeasurable. Because of how much I cared about him, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt whenever he sought my assistance.

Insane behavior is common among the emotionally unstable. Even the most empathetic ex-spouse may turn into a spiteful monster when their ex is in distress. If you're both comfortable doing so, it's advisable to try to talk things out with your ex. However, you might consider inviting a neutral third party to the meeting for purposes of mediation and further protection.


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