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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Died While Making Merry With Another Woman In The Village

She says that she was never included in the eulogy by her in-laws, despite the fact that her husband died while they were celebrating at his parents' house with another woman. Mary Ann Wambui had previously described in excruciating detail how her husband passed away while they were having fun with another woman.

Mary claims that she met her husband when she was selling herbal remedies, and the two of them eventually got married. After her husband introduced her to his family, Mary's in-laws were quite pleased with the new addition and treated her with respect.

The conflict began after her in-laws paid a visit to her parents, and the fact that the in-laws' daughter-in-law came from a less privileged background upset the in-laws' daughter-in-law. When they returned home, the in-laws' daughter-in-law began telling her husband that he should divorce her and marry another wife.

Mary claims that her mother-in-law began looking for a young girl for her husband to marry. Every time Mary's husband would go to the village, he would find a girl waiting for her, and Mary's mother-in-law would introduce this girl to her husband in order to get him to divorce Mary. Mary says that this was her mother-in-plan law's all along.

She claims that she used to pray a lot, and that her husband would sometimes confess everything he was doing once he went to the village and ask for forgiveness. She also claims that on the day he passed away, he had left for the village to meet a woman whom his mother had introduced to him, and that in the morning, she received a call from her in-laws informing her that her husband had passed away.

Mary says that after she asked what had happened to him, the uncle told her that the husband was making merry with the lady, and when he finished, he fell and died on the spot, and that during the burial, she was shocked to see that she was not included in the eulogy, and only her children were included. Mary says that during the burial, she was shocked to see that only her children were included.

Her in-laws confiscated everything that belonging to her, and they informed her that because the person who had married her had already passed away, they didn't need her there. She became devastated after hearing this, and from that day forward, she vowed to never get married again.


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