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3 steps on approaching women who are confident.

Here's something most don't understand, how to successfully approach confident women. Most men just don't and end up losing something great.

If your goal is to date a woman of this caliber, you will need to fight your anxieties and seriously face a new world. Now, before you follow the tips below, you will need to learn how to eliminate rejection. Confident women will reject you outright.

They will make you feel bad too, so don't panic. If you can resist a "no" then you will go far here. If you are not good at rejection then you have a long way to go.

Start working on questions

Look for questions and lines to say to women. Seriously, find them and pick 10 that you are going to memorize.

This will help you greatly. Learn them by talking in a mirror and working out with friends. Make sure you are confident when saying them, and don't laugh, break down, or try to fix them.

Just say them with certainty. If you can do it, you'll be head and shoulders above most men.

Once you've got them set and can say them easily, it's time to test your options by approaching confident women.

Head to a bar and test your questions

Go to a local bar and start dating women. It's going to be a bit shaky at first, but you're training for bigger game so to speak.

You will need to be confident to approach women and talk to them frankly. Getting them to talk is key, and if you want more, take them out with your house with you.

This depends on you. Take notes the next day about what worked, what didn't, and what you can do to improve your approach to self-confident women.

Test your luck with confident women

Once you have a few notes on what works and what doesn't, it's time to hit the big leagues.

When you see a confident woman, go straight to her with your best lines and ask her out of her. If she teases or says no, just thank her and don't think about it.

Don't let it shake you up. Go on and take notes. Then try again. Keep doing this until someone says yes, because it will happen. This will only happen if you keep pushing and improving yourself.

If you can't get a sense of security when approaching any woman, you won't approach the safe ones, that's for sure.

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