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Divorce Affair

"Marriage is bigger than just a piece of paper" Ra prophet warn people


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Are you planning to be on marriage or already in one.

Being in a marriage is a big step that one should think before entering into one. It's like a signing a death contact.

Join the conversation from the advise of the popular Songoma below

According to Ra the Sangoma, " Marriage is bigger than just a piece of paper. When you sleep with someone without using a protection. You are marrying that person because there's an exchange of deep DNA between the two of you. Why you think you feel it first when your partner is not ohk."

"Interesting Rari. I was wondering. I was with a guy who's serious lady never called only until I was doing it with him the woman would call CONSTANTLY. The next day she told him she dreamt that he was cheating on her. Highly accurate." tweeted from a follower

"So now what happens if the act has been done, I definitely know that if we repent, our sins will be forgiven... How will this be reversed via African tradition then?

I mean ppl make mistakes, one thin leads to another then." @tweeted from twitter followers

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