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A lady has regretted going to a date alone after the bill of the meal astonished her

Going on date alone has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. A lady is now regretting to have went to a solo date. Grabbing a lunch or a coffee by yourself is one thing, but treating yourself to a nice dinner alone is something entirety different.

One of the disadvantages of going to a solo date is that there is no one who you can split the bill with. Unlike, where you went to a date with someone; and you are able to split the bills together. However, one advantage of going on date alone is that one get to enjoy their own company, without necessarily being interrupted or disturbed by anyone.

In the meanwhile, a lady has taken to Twitter to lament about having to went and grab some meal alone. The said lady, uploaded couple of pictures on her official Twitter account. And on closer examination, the pictures shows a piece of steak and as well as some mesh potatoes. There is some indication that the lady also ordered some drink.

However, the bill of the meal appears to have astonished the lady. Now she wants someone to give her money back.

Here is the bill of the meal:

Below is what she ordered:

Here is the drink she drank

The screenshot of the tweet:

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