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GOMORA Ntokozo Exposed By Sangoma.

Looks like it might take a lot more than this apology to get back into Gladys's good books again. Mara, at least Ntokozo appreciates Langa's apology.

Battle lines seems to be drawn. Gladys is on the offensive.Pity Ntokozo is not Hundred points truthful. The other side will destroy her when it comes to the Mohato matter. But as a parent, you have a duty to believe your child..

Gladys is about to see flames from her golden child love to see it. After that born chilling message from the ancestors, one has to ask themselves, is Ntokzin ever going to find peace?Ntokozo must do the right thing for his uncle's soul.

Now that everything is out in the open and Ntokozo got off, he should tell Gladys about Mohato a good son.Gladys is already on a warpath. I fear of what she’d do, should she find out what happened to Mohato and how Mam'Sonto got Ntokozo involved.

I can imagine what's running through Teddy's mind. While I'm eating nicely I wonder what my father is eating. Mohato must start haunting both Ntokozo and of them must tell the truth

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