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She said I Am Weak In The Bedroom, I Used This Muti & This Happned To Our Realationship (read chats)

Now that we live in a society and every time a marriage breaks up, some women take advantage of social media to reveal how weak and horrible a man is when they are not together, I always questioned whether something like this happened to me or not, I wasn’t sure it was enough for my girlfriend at the time or not.

 So one day I decided to act according to my interest and asked him a question, and they informed me, "You're weak, but not that weak," with a smile on his lips, "but you're not so weak." So it really worried me, I started to worry, if one of our good days was going to backfire or if it wasn’t going to be used against me the day we decided to leave.

 So I bought something to help me get out on the street and gain more strength. This is what I bought on the Facebook market.

 After taking it I decided to get busy with it, and it wasn’t long before I saw that it was starting to get away from me. So I reached out to him via Whatsapp, and that’s how things went from there.

 Muti seems to be costing my relationship right now, as you can see on the screen above. In other words, depending on your understanding of this Muti lingo, does it always end that way, or did I use it too much, or something?

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