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OPINION | Here Are 5 Reasons Why Women Dislike Using Condoms

Men were constantly accused of being against the use of condoms. There are many goals behind it, but that doesn't mean it's just a manly test. Condoms are dangerous and cold, but they also remove a degree of closeness that comes from not being protected with your accomplice. Some women despise condoms for the reasons that accompany them.

1. Kill the mentality: Men are often fundamentally irritated by having a condom and sliding it over the penis in less than an instant.Strange as it sounds, it also angered women. She loves safe sex, but knows that even though it hurts, wearing a condom will kill her too. Basically it's not just nice to stop when things get hot and heavy.

2.  Could kill an erection this is an incredibly sad situation for women who have anxious girlfriends. You know the person... when the doorbell rings, does someone walk down the hall or stop having sex or wasting energy for what looks like 30 seconds and has lost their Hardon? It is understood that removing a condom is to a greater extent a commission for anxious lovers. Plus, it makes her a frustrated woman.

3.Frictionless: While condoms have recently gone from chunky, rotten '90s adaptations to super-thin, scent-free spell bits, there's still nothing quite like the skin-on vibe on. your skin... Women love the surface of the penis, especially during sex. The erosion of the skin of her vagina is enough to make her explode with joy. These days, condoms are mostly sold pre-lubricated and have a smooth surface, virtually eliminating all of the comforting touch you've received from your normal self.

4.Some women are hypersensitive It may seem difficult to accept, but some people really have a real sensitivity to latex. The indications include a feeling of consumption, a rash around the private parts, tingling, breathing through the nose, lack of wind, tearing, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now imagine this event with the executioner slipping between your private parts, certainly not the heartfelt end to the night on the town you were expecting.

5. Not wearing it can be a motivator: not being protected is terrible and terrible, and she loves it. Feeling her climax inside of you is a wild encounter that is both close and hot, and neglecting her from her for the next few hours will only help remind yourself of how mean she was.

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