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Husband and wife relationship

Video of husband and his disabled wife at the restaurant left touched (WATCH)

It is not everyday were we can spot a person who's not disabled dating disabled person but when we spotted that, it always carries some special features.

Currently there is a video of couple at the restaurant having their meal which is trending on social media. The husband is not disabled but the wife she's disabled without hands but that never stopped this guy from loving his wife whole heartedly.

Most of people who are dating disabled partners can even hide them home and never go in public with him or her but as for this guy, he felt that there is nothing to be ashamed off and indeed there is nothing.

This video left people in tears of joy, appreciation what the guy is doing for his wife.

West shared that, "Yeah true love ,the man has low self esteem,if she at least had hands,she will say the man is not her type".

Phiri gen, "Everybody deserves happiness.... This is so touching 👌🏽💖".

You can watch the videos on the following link:

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